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Commitment Towards Sustainable Future

At IIFL Home Finance Ltd., we aim at redefining the industry and act as a catalyst to fulfill the dream of Indians to earn a home across society spectrum. While working towards this goal, we wish to contribute to maximize sustainable development in affordable housing segment. We shall continue to remain nimble and contemporary to technology for achieving this.

At IIFL HFL, we are committed to support well-defined social and environmental benefits in the areas of energy and environment conservation, education, health, sanitation and promotion of sustainable livelihoods. We recognize the importance of adopting a responsible business strategy to ensure sustainable growth of our business and our stakeholders including our customers and the communities we serve.


Sustainability reports

Sustainability Report
Sustainability Report

Kutumb - A Green Building Initiative

IIFL Home Loans presents ‘Kutumb’, a platform where the company brings together industry experts and housing developers to create a sustainable infrastructure and a know-how model of Green Buildings. It is a stage blending benefits of green homes within the affordable housing segment in India, ultimately strengthening our belief in honourable Prime Minister’s vision and mission of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Housing for All by 2022'.

Kutumb is a thought and a vision of sustainable good living for tomorrow. It is an impetus to institute green technology, and environment friendly sustainable living that focuses on the needs, efforts, and initiatives to promote sustainable and energy efficient real estate development in affordable sector. It brings together the industry experts and the infrastructure developers by providing financial support as an incentive in inducing them to green technology in affordable housing.

Green Value Partnership

IIFL Home Loans knows that homes that are designed and built to be comfortable and healthy, causing minimal harm to the environment will be good for the residents and good for society at large. We call these homes ‘GREEN HOMES’.

What improvements to our usual ways of designing and buildings can we bring to make them Green, and how do we implement them sustainably and affordably? Meet our Green Value Partners (GVPs) who seek to provide end-to-end assistance (hand holding) to the developer and work along with them throughout a project’s lifecycle, from concept to completion, ensuring successful realization of the intended project’s vision and efficiencies.

GVPs also ensure that all criteria are understood in depth and met in order to successfully achieve a Green Building Certification.

Prelude To Building Green - IIFL Home Loan's Guide To Sustainable Affordable Housing

With India in the throes of intense construction to facilitate economic growth and rising urbanisation, it becomes pertinent, rather urgent, to disseminate knowledge that can ensure responsible and sustainable build out in the coming years. IIFL Home Finance Limited and noted architect Dr Ashok B Lall came together to create a handbook “Building Green; IIFL Home Loans’ Guide to Sustainable Affordable Housing” to provide guidance.


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