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Schedule of Charges

  • Schedule of Charges - On Application

    Processing Fees


    CERSAI Fees

    Upto 1.75% (Home Loans)

    Upto 2.00% (LAP)

    Rs 50/- (for loans <= Rs 5 lacs)

    Rs 100/- (for loans > Rs 5 lacs)

    Transaction/Legal Handling charges in Balance Transfer – only Home Loans

    Rs. 2500/-

    Collateral Evaluation Charges in HL Non APF Rs 3000/-
    Collateral Evaluation Charges Non HL <=2 Cr Rs.5000/-
    Collateral Evaluation Charges Non HL >2 to 5 Cr Rs.10000/
    Collateral Evaluation Charges Non HL > 5 Cr Rs.25,000/-
    Collateral Evaluation Charges Project Finance <5Cr Rs.15,000/-
    Collateral Evaluation Charges Project Finance >=5Cr Rs.1,00,000/- or actual charges, whichever is higher
    Collateral Evaluation Charges in P+C transactions Rs.5500/-
    Sammaan & Sammaan Plus

    Loan amount till 35 lac - 4000+ applicable taxes

    Loan amount above 35 lacs - 6000 + applicable taxes


    Loan amount till 5 lacs - 2000+ applicable taxes

    Loan amount above 5 lacs - 4000 + applicable taxes

    Presentation Charges

    For HL/ Swaraj HL- Rs.444+GST

    For LAP/ Sammaan- Rs.313+GST

    For CF/PF Cases- Rs. 129+GST

    Note: The above charges are exclusive of applicable taxes, if any.
  • Schedule of Charges-During Term of Loan

  • Schedule of Charges - On Foreclosure / Pre-Payment:

ROI Switch Policy

  • Interest rates in the economy are guided by several macro factors and Central Banks policy decisions from time to time. With ever changing Interest Rate scenarios, our product offerings are also required to be in line with our incremental borrowing costs. Eventually, it may so happen that at times a disparity in the risk-pricing of old and new borrowers builds into the system.
  • To address this concern, it is decided that every “uniform risk profile” borrower would be given discretion to reduce his ROI to the prevalent ROI for the new borrowers, where ever such disparity is noted. Hence, all existing borrowers will have discretion to change the existing spread to the prevailing spread as per ROI grid applicable. The facility is available on all loan types & for all borrowers.
  • Any Switch of ROI will require Switch Fees to be paid by borrower at every switch occasion
  • Borrower has the discretion to reduce his EMI keeping the residual tenor unchanged OR keep his EMI unchanged and thereby reducing his residual tenor. He can also opt for changing both the EMI and tenor within the band to suit his convenience


  • Customer can place an online request through his registered E-mail ID/ Phone no.
  • The reset of spread will be effective post receipt of switch fee and confirmation from customer along with pending dues, if any.
  • Switch ROI: The new ROI to be applied basis the current principal outstanding (POS) and not on the basis of the initial contracted loan amount in Fully Disbursed loans. For Partly Disbursed, the applicable ROI to be decided basis POS + Undisbursed Amount.
  • Switch ROI would be as approved from time to time & once paid is non-refundable

Switch ROI Grid

  • Rate reduction/conversion of Rate of Interest Grid



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