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What Are The Benefits Of Living In A Green Building?


We are seeing a generational shift in how people think about their lives and homes. More and more young adults are not only environmentally conscious but are strong proponents of it. They want to lead a sustainable lifestyle, so they can leave behind a better planet than the one they inherited. This is why many of today’s generation are looking for green features when buying a home and are willing to spend a little more than necessary to get it.

Green homes come with many benefits, which is why they are gaining popularity. Here’s a look at some of these advantages.

Good for the environment: With climate change and unsustainable use of resources becoming significant challenges for the current generation and those to follow, conscientious home buyers are looking to invest in green homes that can help them do their bit for the planet. They are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce waste, and judiciously use shared natural resources. Moreover, they want to live in a community of like-minded people who feel as passionately about saving the environment as they do. Hence, they are actively seeking out green buildings.

Improves residents’ health: A green building has a lot of sustainability built into its design, in the way of vertical gardens, garden terraces, etc. This goes a long way in improving things like indoor air and light quality, which can have a massive impact on the health of residents. A green building allows them to breathe fresh air, sleep peacefully, experience lower stress levels, and lead better lives. It also reduces the possibility of developing major health issues in the long run. Moreover, houses made with sustainable, non-toxic materials ensure that there are no carcinogens that could lead to any ailments.

Lowers expenses: A green building is self-sufficient as it tends to include solar panels and water conversation measures. This means residents do not have to rely on resource-hungry traditional utility means. It can considerably reduce utility bills for energy and water, ensuring the overall operational expenditure is lower than non-green buildings. Moreover, such buildings are designed to require less energy to run. For instance, green buildings usually have large windows or sky roofs that allow natural sunlight to filter in throughout the day. They are also made with sustainable, long-lasting building materials that require less maintenance.

Higher resale value: Green buildings are fast gaining popularity, and this will only increase in the future as young home buyers want to be part of the change. Hence, green buildings are expected to have higher resale values, which makes investing in a green home today not only a wise environmental-friendly decision but also a prudent financial one.


Benefits of living in a green building:

icon01Environment friendly

icon02Good for residents’ health

icon03Lowers Expenses

icon03Higher Resale Value

Keeping all this in mind, various entities are taking the time and making a concentrated effort to build awareness and educate home buyers and property developers on the advantages of going green. One such entity is IIFL Home Loans. Through its first-of-its-kind initiative, called Green Value Partnership (GVP), IIFL is offering builders end-to-end assistance in embracing best practices for GRIHA and IGBC green building norms. Additionally, it is helping builders understand what goes into developing a green building via its ‘Kutumb’ platform, which has a repository of information on building eco-friendly buildings. With access to the right information and

resources, home developers and buyers can make a significant difference to the planet for future generations.

You can add on more benefits of living in a green building in the comments section below.