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Home Care Solutions During Monsoon

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Monsoons are exciting but cause maximum damage to homes. Heavy downpour mesmerizes your senses but causes extensive damage to homes in the form of leaks, cracks, mold, and fungus, etc.

Walls of a house take the maximum hit during monsoons. Moisture gets collected in walls leading to cracks, damp patches, peels and blisters on the wall. Low-grade paint is a major reason for damage to walls. Water seeps through exterior paint and gets collected in pores present in concrete. This leads to the build-up of moisture and damage to walls. Moisture collected in these pores causes damage even after repainting external walls. It is important to notice early signs of seepage in the building such as:

  • Wet walls of a basement
  • Mold and fungi on walls and corners
  • Rotting of wooden door panels and window panes
  • Water collection inside the house

It is imperative to take care of homes during monsoons to prevent damage. Here are a few tips to take care of buildings during the rainy season.

The biggest problem during monsoons is rainwater seeping in to structure. Coat of waterproof cement paint on external walls saves building from seepage.

The air inside the house becomes moist during monsoons, resulting in dampening of plaster on the walls. Ventilation in the home reduces humidity levels and dampness. Opt for paints with silicon that have high water resistance.

Cracks in walls can be repaired using waterproof mortar and paint. Using waterproof sealing agents reduces the chances of further damage to the house.

Once the waterproofing agent is applied on walls, tiles can be installed on the external walls and roof of the building.

While filling up cracks it is important to first remove all the loose plaster and then apply waterproof plaster.

Molds and fungus-affected parts of the building need special care. These areas should be cleaned with disinfectants before applying paint.

If not taken care of, monsoons can cause a serious damage to homes. Waterproofing a building prevents rainwater from seeping into the building and reduces damage. To improve the life of occupants it is important to take special care of buildings located in areas which receive heavy rains.