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Safety Tips for Homes

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Home safety is one of the prime responsibilities of every individual. This becomes even more important if you are living with your family. Hence, you naturally ensure that there no compromise with the security of your home. Homeowners in India are increasingly moving towards employing modern day safety techniques to keep their home and loved ones safe. If you too wish to do the same, here are some quick tips that you need to be mindful of:

  • Have reliable locks on all doors interior and exterior

One of the most common thing that every Indian is worried about is burglary. Therefore, to prevent this, ensure that all your doors have locks that are strong and reliable. Spend a bit on high-quality locks that ensure safety with a guarantee rather than cutting cost and saving a couple of rupees. Have these fitted to both external as well as internal doors so that your home is guarded multiple layers of defense in the event of a tragedy.

  • Don open doors without checking who on the other side

Another common mistake that people engage in is opening their door to complete strangers. This could lead to some serious security and safety concerns. Having a home security system with quick access to emergency service helps you be safe in the event of a suspicious visitor.

  • Keep all your valuables in a safe and never keep the key attached

Irrespective of whether you are at home or not, ensure that all your valuables and precious things like gold and other ornaments are locked in a safety locker. Keep the locker locked at all times and never keep the key hanging around it. Have your home security system armed all times.

  • Have a regular maintenance check of your electrical and plumbing

Most of the fires at home are either caused by a short circuit or a cylinder blast. Ensure that you get your electrical wiring checked by a professional at regular intervals. Change any lose sockets, buttons or appliances that might pose a potential danger or cause a fire. Same goes for gas connections. Most local providers offer half-yearly maintenance to check for any gas leakage and recommend changes if there are any faults.

Plumbing is another issue ignored by a large majority. Water leakage does not only cause wastage but also might lead to serious fatal consequences if someone slips on a wet floor or if it reaches any electrical point. Therefore, it is always best to fix problems the moment they start so to avoid safety concerns later.

  • Look for and fix any structural damage immediately

Over a period of time, houses tend to show signs of cracks in walls, roof or other such structural damage. Though it might not occur as common as the other causes, it is definitely not ignoring. The moment you see any sign of such a damage, contact an engineer or professional to come and check the damage. Take immediate steps to fix it and thus prevent further loss to your property and thereby assure the safety of all those living there.

Buying a home is a dream come true for many. But that where owning it starts. Ensure that you take steps to keep your home safe from all calamities, natural and man-made. Conduct a fire, structural and safety audit every few months to secure the safety of your loved ones.

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