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Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summers have set in and the first thing that comes to our mind is electricity-guzzling air-conditioners, and coolers. However, these are not the only ways to have a comfortable summer. Some of the effective natural ways to beat the heat this summer are mentioned below.

Unplug Appliances:

Unplug all electronic appliances when not in use. Devices that are turned off but are on standby mode consume electricity and release heat. Plugged sockets produce heat, hence simply turning off something is not enough. So unplugging your TV, fridge, and mobile charger etc. at night will be very useful.

Natural Light & Energy Efficient Lighting:

Instead of using artificial lights, try to make maximum use of natural daylight and energy efficient bulbs. LED bulbs are better as compared to a regular tungsten 100-watt light bulb. A traditional bulb increases the temperature of the room when its tungsten gets heated.

Light Colored Walls & Interiors:

Use lighter color paints for your interior and exterior walls. Lighter colors reflect light and thus do not absorb heat. This also reduces the need to add artificial lighting to your home.

Indoor Plants:

Keeping indoor plants is a simple yet effective way to keep your house cool. You can keep plants in pots and place them at different places closer to the windows.

Keep Windows Closed:

One of the simplest way to keep your home cool is to keep the sun out. A simple act of keeping windows and doors closed from late morning until early evening is effective in lowering room temperature by 10-15 degrees.

Cotton is Right Choice:

Curtains, bedsheets and upholstery made of cotton works better than silk, satin or leather. They tend to remain cooler during summer and allow air to pass through them. For leather couches, buying some cotton covers will be a great option this summer.