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Most Valuable Homes in India

Most Valuable Homes in India

Ensuring that your home is the best is everyone dream and business tycoons and actors in India are perfect examples of this. India is home to some of the most valuable resident places in the world. With prices soaring about more than a hundred crores, these are certainly dream houses that can evoke anyone in the whole world.

House Owner Location Value
Antilla Mukesh Ambani Mumbai Rs. 6000-12000 crores
Abode Anil Ambani Mumbai More than Rs. 5000 crores
J.K.House Raymond Limited Mumbai Rs. 710 crore
Gulistan Anand Mahindra Mumbai Rs. 250 crores
Mannat Shah Rukh Khan Mumbai Almost Rs. 200 crores
Cabins Ratan Tata Mumbai Rs. 125 crores
White House in the Sky Vijay Mallya Bangalore More than Rs. 100 crores

1. Antilla

Antilla is spread over 400,000 square feet of land, and is presently the most expensive residential property in the world. This 27-storey building has 6 floors exclusively for parking the 168 cars and a service centre on the 7th floor. Speak about luxury, Mukesh and Nita Ambani have personally designed it in a way that no floor or room is similar to the other. Each one gives a distinct, different feel. It has a four-floor gardens, a health spa, a yoga studio, nine superfast elevators to reach the top and back and a helipad among other amenities.

2. Abode

The Abode owned by Anil Ambani is among the most expensive houses in the country. Considered as a worthy answer to his elder brother home, Anil is constructing his Abode over 1537 square meters of land in Pali Hill, Mumbai. The property is still under construction with approval pending for its height and other clearances. However, once ready, it is all set to be the most expensive home in the country.

3. J.K. House

J.K. House is a 30-storey mansion that was owned by Gautam Singhania, Chairman and owner of Raymond Group in the heart of Mumbai. Situated next to Antilla, it is the second tallest residential tower in the city. With 6-level car parking, a private helipad and a floor exclusively for the museum that displays the Singhania Jade collection.

4. Gulistan

Founder and owner of Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra has a 270-crore worth property in Mumbai that he calls home. Gulistan, as it is popularly known, is situated on an area of 13,000 square feet and is among the top luxurious bungalows in the country.

5. Mannat

Mannat is a six-storey sea-facing building that is the home of the Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan. It is considered to be a famous tourist attraction as hundreds of fans gather outside it to catch a glimpse of their superstar. On the inside, Mannat is spread over 26,328 square feet of land and has all modern luxuries like a lounge area, entertainment area, private bar, a library, a private cinema and so on.

6. Cabins

With a market value of Rs. 125 crores, the Cabins in Colaba are home to one of the richest and most famous businessman of the time, Mr. Ratan Tata. Cabins is just a three-storey structure designed in a duplex form that speaks a lot about the Tata minimalistic design preference. The residence has amenities like a set of living rooms and bedrooms on each floor along with sundeck, a media room, lounge, a gym and a spacious lobby.

7. White House in the Sky

Owned by once known as the ing of Good Times Vijay Mallya, this is certainly one of his luxurious mansions in the country. Situated in the UB city of Bangalore, this lavish home spread over an acre of land has lots of distinct amenities. From a wine cellar to a heated pool on the inside while an infinity pool and spa on the outside are sure signs of the luxury Mallya is known for.

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