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The Methods and Benefits of Sustainable Construction

By IIFL Home Loans | Published On Dec 18 2023 7:51 AM 1 min read 62 views 355 Likes

Sustainable construction is a way of building that is better for the environment. It uses special methods to make sure that buildings do not harm nature. This kind of building is getting very popular in 2023 because people want to take care of our planet. The green building concept is at the centre of sustainable construction. One important part of this is green building technology.

As of August 2023, over 4,674 projects in India are using LEED-India certification, a system for eco-friendly buildings. The construction industry in India is expected to grow by 5% in 2023 and continue growing at an average of 6.2% each year until 2026. By 2027, the industry might reach a construction output of INR 66,954.8 billion. All this shows how sustainable construction is changing India's real estate industry in a big way.

This article will discuss the different methods and many benefits of sustainable construction.

By employing green building methods l, sustainable homes support environmental conservation and promote healthier living spaces with better air quality.

Methods of Sustainable Construction

Below are some of the methods of sustainable construction that are making a positive impact.

Solar Power: 

  • Using the sun's energy is a big part of green building technology.
  • Active solar energy uses solar panels to turn sunlight into electricity. This makes sustainable construction more affordable.
  • Passive solar energy uses the sun to warm up buildings, by placing windows in certain ways to let sunlight in.

Biodegradable Materials:

  • Using materials that can break down naturally helps reduce waste.
  • Materials like bamboo, wood, straw bales, recycled wood, cork, hempcrete and plant-based paints are good choices as they break down without harming the environment.

Green Insulation:

  • Insulation keeps buildings warm or cool, saving energy.
  • Green building methods include using recycled materials like old denim or paper for insulation.

Cool Roofs:

  • Roofs that reflect sunlight keep buildings cooler.
  • This means less need for air conditioning, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases.

Sustainable Resource Sourcing:

  • Choosing materials that are recycled or come from eco-friendly sources is key.
  • This method supports the use of materials that have a low impact on the environment.

Water Efficiency Technologies:

  • Saving water is a big part of sustainable construction.
  • Technologies like rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, and efficient fixtures help manage water wisely.

Sustainable Indoor Environment Technologies:

  • Creating a healthy indoor environment is important.
  • Using materials that don’t give off harmful chemicals and managing moisture helps keep the indoor air clean and safe.

Passive House:

  • A passive house design focuses on using the building’s design to manage temperature, without needing a lot of energy.
  • This green building concept helps save up to 90% of the energy used for heating and cooling.

Benefits of Sustainable Construction

Following are some of the benefits of sustainable construction:

  1. Enhanced Environmental Protection:
  • Sustainable construction helps reduce pollution and waste.
  • It uses resources like water and energy more wisely, which is good for nature.
  1. Improved Social and Economic Conditions:
  • This way of building can create jobs and training opportunities.
  • It supports the economy and helps people in the community.
  1. Increased Resilience:
  • Buildings made with green building technology are stronger against climate change and other environmental threats.
  • They can stand up better to extreme weather, keeping people safe.
  1. Improves Occupant Health and Well-being:
  • Sustainable buildings have better air quality and more natural light.
  • This can make people feel better and be healthier while inside.
  1. Improved Construction Technology:
  • Using green building methods can lead to better building technology.
  • This makes the construction process more efficient and safer for the environment.
  1. Enhanced Building Performance:
  • Buildings made using the green building concept use less energy and water.
  • They also create less pollution, making them better for the environment.

Sustainable homes utilise green building technology to drastically reduce energy consumption.

The Bottom Line

Sustainable construction, using the green building concept and green building technology, is making buildings better for nature and people. It has been gaining popularity in India, changing how we build homes and workplaces. This way of building saves energy, and water, and creates less waste, which is good for our planet. It also makes strong, safe buildings with clean air and good light. Sustainable construction is a smart choice for a better future, showing how we can live and work in harmony with the environment.


1. What is sustainable construction?

Sustainable construction is a way of building that is good for the environment. It uses special methods and materials to save energy, water, and reduce waste.

2. Why is the green building concept important?

The green building concept is important because it helps us build in a way that is safe for nature. It focuses on using eco-friendly materials and technologies.

3. How does green building technology help in sustainable construction?

Green building technology helps by saving energy and water, reducing waste, and using materials that are good for the environment. It makes buildings better for both people and nature.

4. What are some methods of sustainable construction?

Some methods include using solar power, biodegradable materials, green insulation, cool roofs, and water efficiency technologies. These methods help make buildings more eco-friendly.


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