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Jhatpat Home Loans: Fast Loan with No Hassle

Jhatpat Home Loans: Fast Loan with No Hassle

Written by Ravi Sharma

We are living in an information age and everything is accessible with few clicks on the mouse. Gone are the days, when an applicant has to visit from one lender to another. Even after applying for home loans, people usually have to wait for 2 weeks but now the scene has changed. In this regard, I would like to pen down the attributes of hatpat Home Loan an exclusive PAN India product of IIFL Home Loans.

As is evident from the name, the product helps you get a loan in an instant manner. The beauty of the product lies in the fact that it helps all the stakeholders of housing finance industry developers, company & customers save their time. One can apply for Jhatpat Home Loans online and there is no need to submit the documents physically. The CIBIL, & credit checks and verification are done at the backend and within an hour the applicants get the soft sanction letter.

With soft sanction, the applicants can exactly know about their eligibility and go to a builder for further process. The entire documentation hardly takes 2-3 business days and then final verification letter is handed over to the customer. With the rapid usage of internet, the product is expected to witness significant importance in the future.

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