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Top 10 Profitable Big Business Ideas in India

By IIFL Home Loans | Published On Jan 30 2024 5:59 AM 1 min read 700 views 4859 Likes
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Looking for India’s most profitable business idea that can potentially grow into something big? Well, look no further.

Everyone dreams of starting a business at least once in their life. However, finding the right business idea is crucial to make your business a success. Everyone begins small but with consistency and devotion, you can earn good profits and turn your business into a successful enterprise. However, which business is most profitable in India? We have listed down the top 10 most profitable businesses in India that you can take inspiration from. Let’s begin!

Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas

Following are the top 10 best business ideas in India that you can use as a starting ground:

1) Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen allows you to start your food business from the comfort of your home. Rising inflation has resulted in both men and women joining the workforce on a full-time basis. With their fast-paced lives, there's very little time left for preparing meals at home. This shows an increasing demand for cloud kitchens, especially in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. If you have a knack for cooking and have always wanted to start a food business, then a cloud kitchen can be a good start to fulfil your dreams. Eventually, you can expand to a full-fledged restaurant as well.

2) Web Designing

More and more businesses are shifting online and this has led to a huge surge in website and portal designing. If you have a good command over design and coding, then web designing can be a lucrative option to start your business.  Later on, you can expand your services to include ancillary offerings like digital marketing, content writing, search engine optimisation, etc., to start a full-fledged agency.

3) Interior Designing

Interior designing is a specialised field that deals with decorating and designing the interior of real estate properties like homes, commercial spaces, etc. It is one of the services that is high in demand as more and more people are shifting to high-income brackets. Moreover, real estate investment has always remained a lucrative investment option, which means that there will also be a demand for interior designing services.

4) Organic Farming

People are growing more conscious about their dietary preferences. In the era of junk and fast food, people have now started shifting to healthier food habits, resulting in the growing need for organically farmed products. Organic farming involves farming without the use of harmful chemicals, and using only biological fertilisers. Whether you decide to enter farming or become a distributor, organic farming can be a great profitable business.

5) Virtual CFO

There is a growing demand for specialised financial services. However, unlike big establishments, not all businesses can afford CFOs. This is where Virtual CFO services come in, which have been gaining prominence as they allow such businesses to avail of specialised financial services. A virtual CFO provides comprehensive services ranging from strategy making, business consultancy, financial management, budgeting, bookkeeping, compliances, etc. Businesses need to pay only for the services they obtain, thus allowing them the flexibility to pay as per their needs.

6) E-commerce Business

If you are searching for new business ideas in India, then here's another great option. More and more businesses are shifting online, largely because most of the customers have now started shopping online. Thus, having an online presence is more of a necessity than a choice. If you can find the right product to sell online, then there's nothing stopping you from starting your own e-commerce venture. You can begin selling through established platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Eventually, you can build your own e-commerce site.

7) Real Estate Business

The real estate industry is growing at a rapid pace. Land is limited and therefore, its value is bound to increase in the long run. If you are interested in real estate, then you can enter the real estate industry. You can start with real estate broking. After having enough capital, you can also consider trading real estate properties.

8) Education and Training

If you hold specialised knowledge in any field, then you can consider entering the education industry. The education industry is booming, especially vocational education. People are now interested in acquiring more and more skills. You can even create your own course and market it on online tutoring and course platforms like Coursera, Udemy, etc. It is an ideal small business idea in India that can grow into something big.

9) Waste Management

India generates 62 million tonnes of waste each year. There is a growing need for proper waste disposal and recycling mechanisms. If you have a good idea about the collection, recycling, and disposal of waste, then you can grow an evergreen business in the waste management industry. Many companies are emerging in this sector that are using waste to build useful and sustainable materials like bricks, jeans, etc. It is one of the best businesses in India.

10) Bookkeeping

If you are well-versed in accounting and related concepts, then bookkeeping can be one of the b. You can provide bookkeeping and budgetary services within and outside India and earn lucrative income. Eventually, you can run your full-fledged accounting firm providing specialised accounting services to businesses.

In a Nutshell

Above are some of the great business ideas in India with good revenue prospects. All you need to build a sustainable and most profitable business in India is a good idea, execution strategy, and persistence. However, to start any business, you will certainly need an initial amount of capital. IIFL Home Loans is here to take care of all your capital needs.

You can apply for instant secured loans with IIFL Home Loans to start your business from today. With a simple application process, affordable interest rates, and quick processing and disbursal, you can avail of the initial capital to start your business. Apply for Secured Business Loans with IIFL Home Finance now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the capital I need to start a business?

A: It depends upon the type of business you wish to start. If it’s a service-based business like bookkeeping or web designing, you won’t require much capital.

Q2: Can I start a business from my home?

A: Yes. Businesses like cloud kitchen, education and training, bookkeeping, e-commerce business, etc., can be started from the comfort of your home.

Q3: Are business loans good for running a business?

A: Yes. Business loans have been providing much-needed capital to business owners to run and manage their businesses. They solve liquidity and working capital issues, ensuring a smooth flow of business.

Q4: How much time does it take to generate revenue in business?

A: While it depends on your idea, it might ideally take 6-9 months to begin generating revenue. The period can be shorter if you acquire clients early.

Q5: Where can I get initial capital to start my business?

A: You can use your savings or borrow from friends and family to start your business.


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