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The Math Of Home Loans

The Math of Home Loans

Everything in the Universe is made of math including you as by Max Tegmark M.I.T Professor

Math is very important in our life. We are driven by numbers and if we are planning something, we crunch the numbers for making a wise decision. The mortgage industry is no exception. So how are the numbers important in housing finance

We calculate savings, expenses and then devise our strategy for availing a home loan. To make our dream home, we need the finances from a lender and for that, we first need to compute our eligibility for a home loan.

How to accurately calculate eligibility

Thanks to technology! We can do our eligibility math on Home Loan EMI Calculators. These calculators ask the applicant personal details like date of birth, PAN Card Number and professional details like monthly income, organization's name and tenure in current firm etc. It is noteworthy that the calculators that ask for more information are generally more accurate. It is necessary to use a home loan eligibility calculator of the region, where we are purchasing the property because local and government rates may apply accordingly.

While doing the math, most of us think that we will end up paying double the amount borrowed from our lender. The repayment will include principal, interest, loss of interest on savings, stamp duty & registration cost and government charges on loan acquisition. On the other side of the coin, we will find that the value of the property will also shoot up manifold and we can live happily in our own home after taking possession of the same.

Case Study:

Sumedha Sharma, age 35, working as a legal manager at a renowned LPO in Gurgaon, earns Rs 70,000 per month. She wants to purchase a home at Noida for Rs 40 lakh. She applied for a home loan of Rs 32 lakh for the tenure of 10 years. The bank rejected her application stating a reason that home loan can be sanctioned only up to Rs 24 lakh for her case. How can this be sorted out What numbers are required to solve her home loan eligibility problem

Interestingly after some time, she again applies at the same bank with same terms & conditions she increased the tenure of the home loan to 20 years. Her home loan application was approved this time. This show our eligibility for a home loan can be increased by enhancing the tenure of the home loan.

But suppose, if Sumedha has to pay the installments of any running loan or car loan, then her eligibility for the home loan would reduce. There are a plethora of formulas and calculations that NBFCs and banks use for computing home loan eligibility but the basic logic revolves around what have been mentioned in this case study.

So are you ready to do your math on our home loan calculator