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IIFL Jhatpat Home Loans: An Eco Friendly Digital Strategy

IIFL Jhatpat Home Loans: An Eco Friendly Digital Strategy

Written by Vidisha Sharma

Vidisha Sharma holds wide knowledge and expertise in digitization, pre sales, business strategy & analysis, campaigning and research activities across geographies. She is a part of the central strategy team at IIFL Home Finance Limited.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Steve Jobs

As we all are aware that in the last few years our country has accelerated towards the movement of a igital India Jhatpat loan is our first step towards an intelligent digitization leader in the mortgage industry.

Jhatpat Loan

It is an express customer on-boarding solution for Home Loans. We have reduced the time for a soft sanction from days to just an hour. The application is capable of making a decision based on the data which has been input as well as based on the CIBIL reports of the applicants. There is no need of physical document submission for loan approval. The application helps increase the productivity of our sales team and gives the customers best experience.

Jhatpat loan was launched in Delhi first followed by Mumbai. The feedback from both teams as well as various customers over a period of a few months has aided the evolution of the application making it more user-friendly. And with one of the finest versions of Jhatpat loan, recently, we have launched the application to Pan India in IIFL Home Finance Limited Offices.

Our digital initiative benefits the environment as we all believe going green is the new business mantra today. This is just the beginning. Digitization of home loan processes is one of the biggest innovation efforts in the industry and it is a must that the progression is ever evolving. This huge transformation is incomplete without the support from each and every employee and we hope that this transition from physical files to digitized home loan processes is smooth and helpful to all.