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How To Get A Home Loan Approved?

How to Get a Home Loan Approved?

I want a home loan of Rs 20 lakh. How can I get my loan approved

Where should I apply to get my home loan approved

What is the documentation process

Most of you need the answers of these questions. Right Let us guide you to make your life easier and simpler. First and foremost, you need to educate yourself about the aspects that would help you get your home loan approved. Follow the following mantras and you will make a winning home loan application.

1. Check the eligibility criteria Before sailing your ship in the sea water, know the prevailing climatic conditions. It is necessary to check the eligibility criteria of home loans. Click on home loan eligibility calculator and do the math of home loans. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a fair idea about your affordable loan amount, tenure, EMI etc. After calculation, check the documentation requirements of the lender. Go to that company where you meet the eligibility parameters. There are many new home loan schemes that facilitate easy housing finance even at low income and with unstructured income documents. If you meet the eligibility conditions, apply with complete details and proper documents, and you can get your home loan approved with ease.

2. Know the credit score Generally, a common mistake made by most of the applicants is that they apply without checking their credit score. To get your mortgage application approved, you should have good credit score. Spend few minutes and pull out your credit score. If your credit score is above 700, you make the winning home loan application. However, if your credit score is below 700 or 650, then you may face problems in the home loan process.

3. Applying on co-applicant basis In case if your credit score is low, you can apply with a co-applicant. When you apply on a co-applicant basis, you diversify the risk between you and your partner. The lender calculates home loan eligibility on the basis of the credit score of both the applicants.

4. Stability in Job While going through the home buying process, it better to stick to your job. Switching the job at this time can delay the home loan process. The approval of your home loan application is dependent on the information provided by you. Once you switch your job, the lender has to reevaluate your employment and income again. This can cause a delay in your home loan process. Home loan lenders generally prefer to lend to those applicants, who have stable job employment history.

5. Avoid new debt Your debt to income ratio is considered for mortgage processing. If you are tied up with too many running or existing loans, the lender may turn down your home loan application. So, if you have made the home loan application, don tie yourself up with new debts.

6. Keep the down payment ready Generally, 10% to 20% is paid as a down payment for home loans. Ensure to keep the down payment ready with you because if you will be unable to pay the down payment the home loan application may get rejected because of this.

7. Keep the documents ready in the required format To avoid any hassle, you have to keep o Objection Certificate NOC and itle Deeds ready with you in the prescribed bank format.

These activities would help you finance your dream home. To know how to choose the best purchase plan when buying a house click here.