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Exploring Different Modes of Home Loan Repayment to Maximise Savings

By IIFL Home Loans | Published On Jul 12 2023 12:25 PM 1 min read 287 views 664 Likes

As you step across the threshold of your dream home, a sense of pride and accomplishment fills the air. However, amidst the euphoria, a sobering reality dawns upon you: the journey of repayment of a home loan lies ahead, like an untrodden path.

Your repayment plan plays a pivotal role in your loan. Hence, choosing the right plan should not be a hasty decision. It should be a well-thought-out process that gives you control over your financial destiny.

In this home loan repayment guide, you will discover various home loan repayment tips and options that can mould your mortgage experience to suit your unique financial situation. It's all about taking control of your money in ways you never imagined possible. Are you ready to explore? Let's jump right in.

  • Step-Up Repayment: Perfect for Early Career Borrowers

Are you a fresh face in the job market dreaming of owning your own home? If yes, then the step-up mode of repayment is perfect for you! Start with smaller EMIs and watch them grow as your career progresses. It's a ladder to your dream home, but keep in mind that you may pay more interest in the long run.


Step up and take charge of your finances
  • Step-Down Repayment: Suitable for Those Nearing Retirement

Experience a gentle descent to a mortgage-free life with the step-down loan approach. Start with higher EMIs that gradually decrease over time, allowing more payment towards the principal. While flexibility may be limited, careful assessment of your finances and future plans will help you find the perfect fit for a long-term home loan repayment schedule.

  • Prepayment: An Option for Surplus Funds

Surplus funds often prompt the question, 'Can I pay EMI in advance?' The answer is a resounding yes, you can close your home loan with prepayment. This option lets you repay your home loan, either partially or in full, before the end of the tenure. This tactic significantly reduces your EMI. However, be aware of potential prepayment penalties from some home loan providers.


If you opt for IIFL Home Loans, prepayment becomes even more appealing. Why? We offer the benefit of zero prepayment charges, making us an excellent option for smart, hassle-free repayment.

  • EMI Holiday: Delaying Your Repayment

An EMI holiday offers a temporary break from your home loan EMIs, giving you breathing room. Some lenders offer this option, allowing you to delay EMI deductions for a few months after getting the loan, thereby giving you financial relief during the initial stages. Remember, the deferred EMIs and interest will need to be repaid later.

  • Fixed and Flexible Installment Plan: Stability or Flexibility, You Choose

When it comes to home loan repayment strategies, you have two options: a fixed instalment plan or a flexible one.

In a fixed repayment plan, your EMI remains constant for a certain period or throughout the loan tenure. It shields you from market fluctuations, making it a reliable choice when interest rates are expected to rise.

On the other hand, under a flexible repayment plan, your EMIs fluctuate based on market conditions. Thus, your EMI can increase or decrease over time. It offers more flexibility but requires you to be prepared for changes in your monthly payments.

While making this home loan repayment comparison, assess your needs and preferences, and make the right choice. Choose a plan that reduces your interest burden instead of increasing it.

  • Lumpsum Repayment: A Fast Route to Settle Your Loan

Lumpsum repayment can be your fast track to settling your home loan. Imagine you have taken a loan for an under-construction property. Initially, you only pay interest on the amounts drawn for construction. However, can you repay a home loan early?

Yes, you can! If you come into money, you can opt to start paying EMIs on the total disbursed amount. Your payment is first adjusted for interest and the rest of the sum goes to principal repayment. This way, you can decrease your loan tenure significantly.

  • Balloon Repayment: An Alternate Lump-Sum Option

Balloon mode of repayment is a method where you repay about one-third of your home loan amount in the final instalments. This is like a lump-sum payment but scheduled at fixed intervals, such as every five years or at the end of a long-term loan. It's almost like having a piggy bank where you save for a big payout.

  • Linking Home Loan Account with Savings: Reducing Interest Liability

Linking your home loan account with a savings account can be a smart way to reduce your interest liability. The more funds you have in your account, the less interest you will owe on your loan. This allows you to enjoy lower costs without committing to full prepayment.

Apart from reducing interest, this system gives you easy access to liquidity. Moreover, if you are considering a balance transfer, think IIFL Home Loans. With our improved credit options, you can avail of significantly lower EMIs.

Summing Up

Repayment of a home loan is more than just a financial commitment. It's about embracing flexibility, stability, and smart strategies that align with your life's trajectory.

Explore more about these exciting home loan repayment tips and how they can redefine your financial blueprint. Visit the IIFL Home Loans website now!


1. What are the repayment methods for home loans?

Some of the repayment methods for a home loan include fixed, flexible, prepayment and lump-sum options.

2. What are the tax benefits of home loan repayment?

Tax benefits of home loan repayment include income tax benefits of up to ₹1.5 lakhs on home loan interests under Section 80 EEA, in addition to the existing exemption of ₹2 lakhs under Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

3. How do I repay my home loan smartly?

Repay your home loan smartly by selecting the right repayment plan, making prepayments, and exploring flexible options while seeking professional advice when needed.

4. Is home loan prepayment a good option?

Yes, home loan prepayment can be a good option because it helps reduce the loan burden and saves on interest costs in the long run.

5. Is housing loan repayment under 80C?

Yes, housing loan repayment of the principal amount is eligible for deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, with a maximum deduction limit of ₹1.5 lakhs.


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