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The Technical Assistance Programme

The Asian Development Bank provided $1 million in Technical Assistance (TA) to support capacity building for IIFL Home Finance Limited as they put into effect a $68 million loan agreement. The goal of this program was to improve women's access to affordable green housing in India, with 80% of the loan specifically allocated to women borrowers or co-borrowers in economically disadvantaged sections and low-income groups. This project was in line with India's requirement for more affordable and sustainable housing, utilizing the private sector's involvement to develop inclusive, energy-efficient, low-carbon, and climate-resilient markets.

The TA was meticulously designed to elevate the value of residential infrastructure through a multifaceted approach. It involved extensive promotional activities, engaging communities, capacity building programs, and research centered on climate resilience, gender inclusivity, and energy efficiency. Events were organized, training sessions on site risk assessment and green building certification were conducted, and tailored training materials were developed to disseminate knowledge effectively.

Moreover, a significant aspect of the TA was the research conducted on innovative and cost-effective climate-resilient construction technologies. This research aimed to identify strategies and best practices for climate-resilient housing, with a goal of creating a compendium of these approaches. Initially, the project's scope was limited to multi-family housing units constructed by developers. However, as the project progressed, the scope expanded to include self-built housing. Recognizing a gap in knowledge and resources, DIY Toolkits were developed as part of the TA. These toolkits were specifically tailored for stakeholders involved in self-built housing, including aspiring homeowners, civil work contractors, and architects/engineers/technical representatives from Housing Finance Companies (HFCs). Importantly, these DIY Toolkits were designed to cater to the diverse climatic zones across India, ensuring their applicability and effectiveness nationwide.

The technical assistance also contributed to detailed studies on building sustainable climate adapted housing as well as resource-efficient climate risk mitigating housing projects developed in a way that would meet climate adaptation standards and engage with stakeholders to increase awareness on site selection criteria, building design materials, energy efficiency processes and other features that would qualify for adaptations.

The TA was financed by an ADB-managed trust fund - the Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund (UCCRTF), with funding from The Rockefeller Foundation and the Governments of Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


Promotion and Propagation of Green Buildings among Industry Experts and Affordable Housing Developer

The Promotion & Propagation element of the collaborative project between IIFL Home Finance Limited (IIFL Home Finance) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) represents a multifaceted and strategic approach to catalysing the adoption of Resilient & Green Affordable Housing for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Low-Income Group (LIG) categories in India. This segment serves as the driving force behind raising awareness, fostering engagement, and creating a conducive ecosystem for sustainable housing practices.






Expert Sessions

Capacity Building for Green Affordable Housing : Bridging Knowledge Gaps for Sustainable Development

Capacity Building is pivotal in its objective to enhance the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of stakeholders across the affordable housing sector, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of sustainable housing practices.







Advancing Green Affordable Housing through Research & Innovation : A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development

The Research & Innovation element stands as a cornerstone within the collaborative endeavour of IIFL Home Finance Limited (IIFL Home Finance) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) under the Technical Assistance (TA) initiative. This pivotal segment is intricately crafted to explore the depths of green building ecosystems, climate adaptation strategies, and innovative solutions.