Applying Data Analytics

Our customers and business are at the center of everything we do. IIFL Home Finance’s data and technology backup ensures simple, fast and trusted solutions. Our scale and data analytics provide distinct advantages in our business efficiency as we utilize data gathered from our operations, applications and ongoing client relationships to optimize our product offerings, and maximize the lifetime value of our loan customers.

Risk Management

The Vintage Static Pool Analysis has been used across multiple sub-segments of our customer base to create Predicted Delinquency (PD) and Loss Given Default (LGD) cohorts. This improves the assessment of credit risk from collections, also known as Expected Credit Loss (ECL) and recovery perspective. The sub-segments become more consistent and malleable.

Customer Success

Customer feedback amalgamated with market trends helps us streamline our processes towards improving customer experience. Internal Rating Models help us optimize up-sell and/or cross-sell opportunities for our best customers.

3 Cs of Credit

They enable us to efficiently scale during market expansion, grow into new market segments and channels.

A two-tiered Credit Underwriting Model helps us assess ‘Character’ (honesty/ reliability) to repay debt
Technical Valuation Model helps us identify acceptable boundaries for Market Rate to Circle Rate, which helps us assess ‘Capital’
Multiple Smaller Income Estimation Model helps us assess the ‘Capacity’ of the individual