Combating the Impact of COVID-19

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on individuals, families, businesses, societies and countries was large and widespread. As a response, the Governments across the world implemented emergency measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Our Response: The New Normal

At IIFL Home Finance, our focus is to keep our employees safe, our customers satisfied and to maintain our stakeholders trust. As a conscious organisation, we have always remained ahead of the curve by building a strong culture of technology enabled operations for better customer satisfaction. We implemented work from home, without any disruption to regular operations and customer services. With the gradual opening of the lockdown, we have suitably adapted to ‘the new normal’ and continue to deliver our best to our customers and all our stakeholders.

Our Initiatives

Our Work Mantra

As the lockdown has been lifted, we have over 30% employees working from our branches and offices as per the Government guidelines. We ensured seamless delivery of our products and services through our virtual platforms, making it our new Work Mantra.

Staying Informed

Staying informed is the centre of the node. We ensured that our employees, while working from home, remained updated with the latest useful materials and resources through our digital platforms. We introduced Moneyversity-online learning platform, self-development sessions, interesting engagement activities, workout sessions and townhalls, among others.

#MereGharSe Campaign

This campaign was designed to encourage people to live sustainably and to create sustainable communities. We aimed to create stronger bonds with customers by creating brand awareness and communicating with them regularly with #MereGharSe campaign on social media.

Relief programme

Extended relief programme for migrant labourers at construction sites at four locations and conducted the following activities:

  • Distributed essential and personal care kits
  • Educated about preventive measures against Covid-19
  • Provided knowledge to women for maintaining hygiene
  • Conducted game-based learning for children at site
Lives impacted
A Salute to Frontline Warriors

IIFL Home Loan reached out to its customers who are the frontline warriors during Covid-19, to hail their spirit for working 24x7 to keep the nation healthy and safe.