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Is your CIBIL score getting you down? Cibil Score

By IIFL Home Loans

The first criterion which is used to determine the eligibility for any kind of loan is the credit score prepared by CIBIL. The higher your CIBIL score, the more are your chances of getting a better deal on your loan.

Things That Can Go Wrong With Your CIBIL Report

By IIFL Home Loans

CIBIL is one of the foremost credit information companies in India. The role of the CIBIL is to collect and maintain payment records of both individuals and commercial entities pertaining to loans and credit cards.

What is the perfect CIBIL score for a home loan?

By IIFL Home Loans

Having a good CIBIL TransUnion credit score is one of the basic requirements for a home loan. An acceptable CIBIL score for home loans would start somewhere around 700. Having a credit score of more than 700 is generally considered good. Read more at IIFL Finance Blog.