Loan Against Property - Samman (Samman Home Equity)

Loan Against Property - Samman (Samman Home Equity)

Samman Loan Against Property is an excellent opportunity for small business owners to make their dreams come true.

There are instances where small business owners are in need of quick financial assistance to maintain their businesses, expand them or even renovate them. It is then when these small businesses like garment shops, confectionary stores and takeaway restaurants, etc. turn towards unorganized lenders that offer small value loans at exorbitant interest rates, exploiting the customer. Keeping the needs of such small businesses in mind, IIFL Home Loans has introduced the smart and intuitive Samman Loan Against Property, wherein any individual or business entity, owning a property and looking for a small amount or value of loan ,can avail Samman LAP to fulfill his business or personal needs and reach their true potential in a convenient manner.

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Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property Salient Features

Maximum loan of up to Rs. 35 lakh
product-icon-2Minimum Loan Amount starting from Rs. 5 lakhs
product-icon-3Maximum loan tenure of up to 10 years
product-icon-3Flexible repayment options
product-icon-4Loan sanction of up to 70% market value against Residential Property and Loan sanction of up to 60% market value against Commercial property
product-icon-5Balance transfer along with an additional top up facility available