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Brand IIFL

In today’s world, a brand is considered as the most valuable asset of an organization. It serves as the medium that connects our numerous off­erings to customers adding value to their lives. It is an intangible voice that speaks volumes about the company.

With a product class that fulfils customer expectations and often exceeds them, we have created a diverse portfolio, a broad spectrum of offerings with a business model that shareholders and investors have come to trust.

We are a brand that is not afraid to dream big and see those dreams to fruition. Our single minded focus in providing investment advice while ensuring the highest standards of ethics and compliance, transparency while transacting business and staying ahead of the curve in technological innovations has helped us build credibility and a reputation we are proud of today.

Lastly, at IIFL, it is our firm belief that a brand is the face of a company’s work culture. It is something that introduces you to our customers and to the world. Our brand is your identity; it narrates your success story and serves as a sign of how you represent us with a sense of pride and ownership.

Significance of our Logo

nine triangles which form the Sri Yantra

In Hindu Mythology, the nine interlocked triangles that surround and radiate from the centre (bindu) symbolize the highest, the invisible and elusive centre from which the entire ­figure and cosmos expand.

Our brand represents a cosmos in itself, where two worlds meet. One, where we together strive to grow and expand and the other, where we strive to make possibilities infi­nite for our customers. It is the confluence of these two thoughts, represented by the age old symbol of converging powers that stands as the face of our brand.